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Congressman Shashi Tharoor Slams Filmmakers: "Not Our Kerala Story"

Shashi Tharoor, a senior Congressman and the member of parliament for Thiruvananthapuram, weighed in on the controversy sparked by the movie “The Kerala Story,” which asserts that some 32,000 “missing women” in the state were radicalised, converted, and sent on terror missions across India and the rest of the globe.

It might be your Kerala tale. He tweeted the movie's poster with the remark, “It is not *our* Kerala narrative.

Both the opposition Congress and the state's governing CPI(M) have criticised the producers of the divisive forthcoming film, claiming that the right to free speech does not give one permission to spew hatred in public and that the movie is an effort to undermine communal unity in the state.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan Sunday said yesterday that the film's producers were engaging in Sangh Parivar propaganda by portraying the state as a hotbed of religious extremism by bringing up the idea of “love jihad,” which has been discredited by the Home Ministry, investigative agencies, and courts.

The chief minister stated in a statement that such propaganda films and the alienation of Muslims they portray should be seen in the light of Sangh Parivar's attempts to advance politically in Kerala. Additionally, he charged that the Sangh Parivar was “sowing the poisonous seeds of communalism” in an effort to undermine religious harmony within the state.

The Kerala Congress has also requested the state government to deny the film's request for screening authorization because it tries to “falsely divide society into communities.”

The Malayalee community would reject with contempt the products that misrepresent the socioeconomic condition in Kerala, thus this is not the tale of Kerala. The Sangh Parivar's objective will not be carried out, the Youth Congress in Kerala said in a tweet.

On the other side, the BJP questioned how assertions that religious terrorism is prevalent in Kerala can be seen as hate speech directed at the state.

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