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Delhi Police summon Guddu Muslim and post a notice on his former residence in Uttar Pradesh

The Special Cell of the Delhi Police has become interested in Guddu Muslim, a close associate of the murdered criminal Atiq Ahmed and the primary suspect in the murder of Umesh Pal in Prayagraj.

He has been asked to join an investigation by the Special Cell. His name came up when Avtar Singh, a supplier of weaponry, was being questioned.

Source: “Arms supplier Avtar Singh during his interrogation told the Special Cell that he provided arms to Guddu Muslim which were used in the Umesh Pal murder case which took place in Prayagraj,”

A summons was posted on the wall of Guddu Muslim's home in Prayagraj by a Special Cell squad.

According to a source, “Guddu Muslim has been requested to participate in the investigation in relation to a criminal case filed against him at the Special Cell.”

According to the reports, Guddu Muslim has been named as an accused party in the case and a statement has been made against him.

Guddu Muslim, also known as Bombbaz, is a bomb-making specialist who was seen tossing explosives on the road during the Umesh Pal murder investigation.

Guddu Muslim has been missing since the murder case in Prayagraj.

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