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K'taka polls: The wealthiest contender in the race will face fierce opposition

Bengaluru, May 2 (IANS) The wealthiest candidates from the BJP and Congress, who have disclosed assets worth hundreds of crores, are up against fierce battle in their respective Karnataka seats.
They had a cakewalk earlier on their property.
The Minister for Small Scale Industries and Municipal Administration, M.T.B. Nagaraj, has declared property worth Rs 1,614.5 crore in his affidavit to the Election Commission, making him the wealthiest contender in the race.
Nagaraj has listed assets of Rs 1,060 crore in the 2018 Assembly elections. The combined worth of Nagaraj and his wife's assets is estimated to be Rs 2,607 crore.
Sharath Bachche Gowda, a candidate for the Congress, is Nagaraj's fiercest rival. As an independent candidate, Sharath Bachche Gowda beat Nagaraj in the 2019 by-elections. They are engaged in a direct combat right now.
Nagaraj has listed a total revenue for the year 2021–2022 of Rs 96.84 crore. He has a fixed deposit of Rs. 33.08 crore and a savings account of Rs. 29.12 crore. He has shown a capital investment in MTB estates and properties of Rs 196.54 crore. Additionally, he disclosed that M. Shanthakumar, his wife, has a capital investment of Rs. 127.32 crore in the same business.
In addition, he is the owner of moveable property worth Rs. 372.42 crore, and his wife is the owner of Rs. 163.78 crore. He now has immovable property of Rs 798.38 crore, while his wife has property worth Rs 274.97 crore.
Nagaraj is the owner of a $1.65 million Land Rover Defender. Porsche valued Rs. 1.04 crore is owned by his wife. One of the well-known Congress figures to switch allegiance to the BJP in 2019 was Nagaraj, who left school after his ninth grade year.
One of the wealthiest candidates is D.K. Shivakumar, the president of the state Congress and contender from the Kanakapura district. He disclosed both moveable and immovable property valued at Rs. 1,214 crore.
R. Ashoka, the BJP's minister for revenue, is challenging Shivakumar this time on his own territory. Property owned by Ashoka is valued at Rs. 75.73 crore. In each election before to this one, Shivakumar has had an easy time of it. The BJP is making every effort to defeat him in this election.
For the years 2021–2022, Ashoka has reported earnings of Rs 14.24 crore. His name is associated with mobile property of Rs 244.93 crore and immovable property worth Rs 142.27 crore.
Immovable property now has an estimated market value of Rs. 970.01 crore.
He has shown a 44% rise in assets since 2018. He has reported Rs 840 crore back in 2018. According to Shivakumar, he inherited real estate valued Rs. 28.75 crore. He has a Hublot watch valued at Rs. 23.90 lakh and a Rolex watch at Rs. 9 lakh.
He has three homes in New Delhi, four flats in Salarpuria Sattva, and eight units in Purva Midtown. Shivakumar was detained in a money laundering investigation in September 2019 and released in October 2019. After his release, he received an unprecedentedly grand welcome, and the Congress promoted him to KPCC President. He is now being projected by the party as a contender for CM.
In the affidavit, Priyakrishna, a Congress candidate from Govindarajanagar and a former MLA, listed his moveable and immovable assets worth a total of Rs. 1,156.83 crore. Priyakrishna disclosed assets of Rs 1,020 crore in 2018. He has immovable property at Rs 221.83 crore and moveable property worth Rs 935 crore.
He received inheritances totaling Rs. 183 crore. Umesh Shetty, a corporator and fresh face in the district, has been put up by the BJP. To assure victory, Amit Shah organised a roadshow across the district. Earlier, V. Somanna, the housing minister, held the position.
A candidate for the Congress from Hebbal named Bhyrathi Suresh has disclosed assets of Rs. 648.12 crore. In 2018, he reported earning Rs. 416.7 billion. His immovable property is valued Rs 561 crore and his moveable property Rs 57 crore.
He is competing against Katta Jagadish, a BJP candidate running in his first MLA election. The son of top BJP official Katta Subramanya Naidu is Katta Jagadish.

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