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The acquittal of Zarina Wahab's son Sooraj Pancholi: "May No Mother Suffer As I Have"

Actor Sooraj Pancholi's identity was exonerated in the Jiah Khan suicide case by a special CBI court. In order to exonerate Sooraj of these accusations, the court claimed a lack of evidence. Judge AS Sayyed of the special CBI court in Mumbai pronounced Sooraj Pancholi “acquitted” because there was insufficient evidence to support a conviction. The case's resolution has greatly relieved Sooraj and his family. Zarina Wahab, her mother, spoke to the reporter briefly. She said that her son's grin had returned. The actress questioned what her kid had done wrong to warrant a ten-year sentence. They are once again feeling like a regular family, Zarina said to the portal. The seasoned actress said that despite her family's 10-year suffering, they never lost hope that justice would be served. Additionally, the actress expressed concern for mothers whose sons are suffering as a result of a failed relationship. My heart breaks for them. Zarina replied, “No mother should endure what I have. The late actress wants to prepare her son's favorite meals because she is now relieved.

After his acquittal, Sooraj also spoke with the media candidly. The actor informed the media that he had to endure 10 grueling years and sleepless nights in preparation for the decision. But in addition to winning the case, he also regained his composure and dignity. The actor says that it takes tremendous bravery to confront the public with such horrific accusations.

Sooraj expressed his wish to God that no one experience what he did while still a child. The actor informed the media that he is unsure of the person who would return his lost ten years of life. But Sooraj claimed that he and his family are now relieved that this ordeal is finally over. There is nothing more important than global peace, the speaker concluded his speech.

Sooraj welcomed the journalists when he got home from the court, and his housing staff also gave them candy.

On June 3, 2013, Jiah's body was discovered at her suburban home. On June 10, Mumbai Police discovered a letter that was allegedly authored by Jiah. The Mumbai Police accused Sooraj with violating section 306 (abuse of suicide) based on the letter and detained him.

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