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Indore to Host the Tenth Edition of the Indian Fharma Fair

The pharmaceutical industry, marketing companies, and the medical sector are gearing up for the special Indian Fharma Fair , as announced by the Indian Fharma Media. The 10th edition of the Indian Fharma Fair (IFF) is scheduled to take place from March 15 to 16, 2024, at the Sheraton Grand Palace in Indore.


The event is expected to witness the presence of key players in the pharmaceutical industry, marketing companies, and the medical sector, making it the largest B2B exhibition in the pharmaceutical industry.


Mr. B.S. Bhandari, the Managing Director of IFF, stated, “IFF is a leading trade show that showcases the latest products and services for pharmaceutical companies, third-party manufacturers, contract manufacturing, and PCD (Propaganda-Cum-Distribution) franchisees. This exhibition is for pharmaceutical professionals and industry stakeholders. The Indian Fharma Fair serves as a business platform for the pharma industry.”


The program will focus specifically on various aspects, including generic drug manufacturers, Ayurvedic and herbal medicines, beauty enhancement, and technological developments.


In this fharma fair, renowned companies from all over the country will participate some of them, : Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mak Pharmaceuticals, Medicant Group Of Companies, Lifecare Neuro Products Ltd., Akshar Molecules Group Of Companies, Wonder Products, Kaizen Pharmaceuticals, Eurocrit Labs International Pvt. Ltd., Cynak Lifesciences, Symbiosis Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd., Biodeal Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mediwell Biotech Ltd., Lxir Medilabs Pvt. Ltd., Best Biotech, Systole Remedies, Aesthetic Softcaps, Enomark Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Vetmed Biotech, Den Mark Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Graphic Ganga Pvt. Ltd., Angia Rx Life Science Pvt. Ltd., Signa Medi Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chemo Biological, AVE Life Science Pvt. Ltd., Wellford Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd., Wig Health Products, Elfin Drugs Pvt. Ltd., Zoic Life Sciences, Restolife Molecules, Research Medicine Pvt. Ltd., Krisa Healthcare, Ashwath Life Sciences, Adarsh Enterprise Vanesha Healthcare & Formulation, Sigma Softgel & Formulation, Admetus Lifesciences, Monique Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Plusindia Formulation Pvt. Ltd., Cure Health Pharmacuticals.


Mr. B.S. Bhandari, the Managing Director of IFF, said, “This exhibition will focus on the expansion of the pharmaceutical industry in India, primarily through third-party manufacturing and PCD/franchise channels. Organized on such a large scale for the tenth time in the country and the first time in Indore, this pharmaceutical fair is expected to attract participants from all over India. This will not only help visitors identify products and their suppliers but also significantly contribute to the state’s economy. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. To fully harness this potential, there is a need to bring diversity to the country’s sources of drug manufacturing and focus on cost-effectiveness, alternative medicine, predictable outcomes, and patient-centric approaches. The Indian Fharma Fair will bring together providers of Indian healthcare services under one roof, showcasing the country’s medical capabilities and providing opportunities for healthcare service providers in India to enhance their services. I hope that the Fharma Fair being organized in 2024 will prove to be a milestone in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.”


Under the leadership of IFF, Indore is ready to play a significant role in the development saga of the pharmaceutical industry. The two-day program is expected to attract the participation of more than 7,000-8,000 corporate personalities.