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Tips For Singaporean Indian Food Lovers Looking For Online Ordering Food App

As for the Indian Community in Singapore – This Online ordering app for the best food and drink delivery services has been in marketplace for over a year and has already 200 plus Indian restaurants joints as their partners. For when you don’t want to leave the house or have to drive out or feeling lazy to go out, turn to this food delivery services in Singapore – delivery.sg for a choice of Indian food from over 200 plus listed Singapore food joints.

Deliver.sg is an Islandwide Food Delivery Platform established by Maxima Logistics Pte.ltd Deliver.sg was created with the purpose to help F&B businesses reach out to every potential customer across Singapore while giving these businesses the opportunity to strengthen their marketing, in turn, drive more sales. With the growing market of 1.7 million users utilizing online food delivery services, the limitations for current delivery becomes more apparent. Additionally, this increase in demand accessibility for different cuisine types in Singapore creates a market gap that has not been filled by current food delivery services. Deliver.sg was created to fill this gap while empowering restaurants to fully reach out to every customer outside of their physical grounds. Deliver.sg aims to aid these restaurants in not just offering island wide food delivery services, but also tools and strategies focused on marketing both online and offline to help restaurants thrive.

In order to compete with the top and well established food delivery apps in Singapore such as Grab food, FoodPanda, deliveroo, the journey to get a market share was not easy said Mr.Krishnamani Kannan – the owner & founder of deliver.sg platform. They came up with a unique proposition that no restaurant owners would say deny. They started giving the restaurants a free video service with social media that would benefit the restaurants to promote their brand. The unique preposition that delivery.sg offered to get the new restaurant clients onboard is called 30s Deliver.sg feature. They produce 30 video’s for the restaurant to help them promote their brands to their regular customers and to attract new customers via social media account. These videos not only help the app users to know about the onboarding restaurants but also provides an opportunity to these businesses to showcase their best sellers dishes. This win win strategy worked for deliver.sg and their restaurant clients to boost their revenue. Mr.Sudeep of Shivam Vegetarian Restaurant who offers traditional Gujrati & Marwari dishes and also north Indian and south Indian meals, complimented that after his Instagram post – https://www.instagram.com/p/B7YHJ_JAx5l/ went viral for live on the social media that was promoted by deliver.sg, their business had 30% more sales for the weekend.