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The Indus Quest – A history-based political thriller by Ranjan Mitra

With his newest book, The Indus Quest, Ranjan Mitra is certain to enthrall readers. From the first page to the last, this fascinating novel with a historical twist, is an exciting read.


On a rain-soaked August evening in Kolkata, Subhadra Acharya, the 38-year-old archaeologist, reunites with her estranged friend Dwip Ray, an ex-IPS officer, after fourteen long years. Later that evening, their reunion takes a sinister turn, as Subhadra is abducted.


The kidnappers seek an artefact Subhadra allegedly removed from a newly discovered Indus Valley Civilization site near the Great Rann of Kutch. This artefact may offer the key to solve a four thousand-year-old mystery, one with explosive consequences in modern India.


Walter Chacko, a deputy director at the Intelligence Bureau, is sent to Delhi to investigate a startling conspiracy against the government of Prime Minister Venkataraman. The mysterious mastermind wants to radically alter the political destiny of India. Subhadra, Dwip and Walter are in an uphill battle against time to discover a mind-bending truth about India’s past, a revelation that may decide the future of the world’s largest democracy.


Ranjan Mitra, the author of The Indus Quest, brings a wealth of experience, with fourteen years in the Indian government and subsequent roles in the private sector. An alumnus of University of Calcutta and the Jawaharlal Nehru University, he holds a second postgraduate degree from IIM Ahmedabad. Besides writing, Ranjan, based in New Delhi, shares his unique perspective through captivating street and travel photography. He can be reached at  ranjanmitra_official on instagram.