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From 200 to 1,900: Nurturing a Workplace Culture of Growth

This article provides an insightful journey into the transformation of Burns & McDonnell India over the past decade. From building a robust workforce to achieving recognition as a Great Place to Work, Mr. Chad Hotovec, CEO, Burns & McDonnell India, highlights the key drivers behind their success and the challenges faced along the way.


By Mr. Chad Hotovec, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Burns & McDonnell India | 30th Jan, 2024


1. Please talk about the journey of your organization in creating a unique culture.


Over the past 10 years, we have observed tremendous growth in our workforce, from 200 employees to more than 1,900. What’s interesting is that it’s not just about numbers; our unique culture has played a crucial role in developing long-term relationships. Our commitment to safety, accountability, client service and entrepreneurial spirit has created a workplace where individuals find value and purpose. This is evident in our employee retention numbers. They’re not just staying, they’re actively contributing because they believe in what we stand for. Our culture of ownership and the opportunities for professional growth have created an environment where people want to build their careers for the long term, which contributes to the sustained success of our organization.  


2. What were the key drivers of being certified as a Great Place to Work?  


The key driver behind our certification as a Great Place to Work includes a holistic approach. We focus on providing a comfortable working environment and fostering a healthy work-life balance. We also focus on learning and development opportunities, including comprehensive training programs to contribute to the professional growth of our employees. Our approach is to build a diverse and inclusive workforce where authenticity is valued, and it creates a culture where everyone can give their best. 


Our rewards program, the MacCulture Recognition Program, plays a vital role in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our employees. We understand the importance of a good benefits package and see that it aligns with the needs of our workforce. We invest in providing the right infrastructure facilities, such as a VR Room within our office that showcases our dedication to a progressive workspace.  


3. Tell us about the challenges you faced at the beginning of your journey and the challenges that you face in the present-day scenario. 


At the beginning of our journey, we faced challenges in navigating the complexities of establishing our unique culture. We aimed to create a culture that embraces safety and ownership while maintaining client-centric values. This required a change of mindset and constant effort. 


In the present-day scenario, our challenges have evolved. We’re now more focused on adapting to a dynamic business landscape, sustaining impeccable safety measures and maintaining high employee satisfaction levels amid external changes. The competitive post-COVID talent market has been challenging due to the changing expectations of millennials, economic disruptions, hybrid work culture and other consequent factors. We have several new initiatives in place to address these challenges that focus on offering meaningful employee experiences beyond competitive salaries and benefits as well as improving communication, flexibility and work-life balance to foster a people-first culture that keeps employee engagement at the center. 


Additionally, diversifying our operations in India across different sectors and geographies is a strategic challenge we’re actively addressing to continue our sustained growth and resilience in the face of market dynamics. Our new office in Bengaluru opens new opportunities for growth and diversity. 


4. As a leader, what are one or two leadership mantras that you have? 


In addition to inspiring innovation, I emphasize the power of connections in working cohesively across the globe and embracing diversity. 


I encourage a culture where creativity is valued and team members are empowered to bring forward new ideas. This mantra creates a dynamic environment that adapts to change and stays ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. We prioritize the early adoption of digital technologies for the company’s growth, employee development and clients’ success. 


Also, a strategic vision is crucial. As a leader, I focus on articulating a clear vision for our organization’s future while communicating that to our teams so they can work toward common goals and see that our actions today contribute to our long-term success.