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ENG vs. IND: Nasser Hussain is excited about the match between James Anderson and Virat Kohli, saying “it is the only thing missing.”

<p>Nasser Hussain expressed his excitement for the match between James Anderson and Virat Kohli in the current Test series between England and India.</p>
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<p>Anderson took five wickets in the second Test in Visakhapatnam but was absent from the first Test in Hyderabad. On the other side, Kohli withdrew from the first two Test matches for “personal reasons,” and there has been no word on whether he will return for the last three Test matches.</p>
<p>“The only thing this series has been lacking is the match between Kohli and Jimmy Anderson, so I really hope he does return. In a Q&A with the Daily Mail, Hussain said, “I’m looking forward to that.”</p>
<p>Having dismissed the Indian batsman ten times in 37 games, Anderson has often had Kohli’s numbers in international cricket. In 25 Test matches, Anderson has seven times removed Kohli from the game.</p>
<p>Hussain predicted that a more brutal Indian squad will emerge on the field if Kohli plays the last three Test matches.</p>
<p>“The one thing about India is that they have played a little carelessly in three of their four innings. Knowing Rahul Dravid, I can imagine that he was twitching inside about some of the recent dismissals. India will think, “Let’s be more merciless. We’re going to give England a sniff here.” And Hussain said, “Kohli is one thing and one thing only: ruthlessness.”</p>
<p>One of Bairstow’s starts needs to be converted: Nasser Hussain Hussain said that Jonny Bairstow has to strive to concentrate and make his beginnings count. Bairstow has only managed to score 157 runs at an average of 24.50 in two Tests, with a best score of 37.</p>
<p>“Bairstow is a fantastic player; all he has to do is finish a start. It wasn’t limited to him. In Vizag, every batter from England entered and exited. Jonny will be aware that Brook will need to be really successful and clinical if he travels to India. However, Hussain said, “I expect this England team to show faith in Bairstow, just as they have in the players.”</p>
<p>India and England will square off in the third Test, which will begin on February 15 at Rajkot’s SCA Stadium, with the series tied at one.</p>