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Actor Darshan Applauds Creators After Watching Upadhyaksha, Starring Chikkanna

<p>Star Darshan, who has a large fan base and is well-known in the Kannada cinema business, recently saw Upadhyaksha, a film that his close buddy Chikkanna was in. But according to sources, he started laughing so hard that he fainted while viewing it.</p>
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<p>The young actor’s performance pleased actor Darshan, who saw Upadhyaksha at a special screening. He was happy with the production as a whole and mentioned how one sequence made him giggle uncontrollably. This section features a clip from Darshan’s film Robertt, in which the actor engages in a fierce combat scene that serves as inspiration for Chikkanna’s role in Upadhyaksha. Darshan was quite entertained by the comic representation of this scenario, however. The Challenging Star reportedly gave the young actor a back pat as a token of thanks.</p>
<p>It has been clear from many times that Darshan and Chikkanna are close. To the dismay of his followers, Darshan had not, until recently, seen the film himself.</p>
<p>Darshan also complimented Chikkanna’s dancing abilities and gave the filmmaker his undivided support, boosting their endeavors to make a movie. His appreciation-filled remarks have taken up on social media.</p>
<p>Chikkanna began his acting career in Mysore comedy performances, when he first appeared with Drishya Kalavide. Afterwards, he became well-known after making appearances on Zee Kannada’s Comedy Kiladigalu and Udaya TV’s Prank Show. During the Kannada movie industry’s diamond jubilee celebrations, actor Yash saw his ability and hired him in the 2011 film Kirataka.</p>
<p>After that, he costarred with Yash and Sharan in films such as Raja Huli (2013) and Adyaksha (2014). He co-starred alongside Diganth in the 2015 movie Sharp Shooter, co-writing the lyrics to the song Kuntebille. Chikkanna recently starred in his first feature film, Upadhyaksha.</p>
<p>Chikkanna said during the teaser premiere of Upadhyaksha that he faced mocking and derision when he chose to play a hero in the movie. “In my thirteen years as a comedian, I had never encountered any difficulties; but, when I accepted Upadhyaksha, I went through it all in a single movie. “I was made fun of and asked, ‘Is he a hero?’” the tearful actor recalled the incident.</p>