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Review of Captain Miller: Dhanush Gives Amazing Performance in This Entertaining Social Drama

<p>The title character in Captain Miller is portrayed by actor Dhanush, who was given the name by the British rulers because they could not pronounce his own name, Analeesan or Eesa. However, he adds Captain, taking advantage of the name’s English sounding origin. And for good reason—he represents a savior to his oppressed tribe and their worst adversaries, the colonialists who abuse the natives.</p>
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<p>Regretfully, we have seen several movies depicting how the English, sometimes with the aid of Indian princes and their Indian army, persecuted the natives, particularly the impoverished ones. Furthermore, Captain Miller, which is now available on Amazon Prime Video, may have been much better if it hadn’t been so theatrical and overblown. Yes, the British pillaged India’s riches and dominated the nation for decades, yet despite what is portrayed, they were not monsters. Indeed, there were a few outliers, such as General Dyer, who slaughtered defenseless individuals who had convened in peace in Jallianwala Bagh in Punjab.</p>
<p>It follows that the main focus of the film is the brutality committed by the British and their plan to remove the village’s presiding god from the temple in order to leave with it. Miller enlists in the English army after being first impressed by their might. However, he is quickly upset to learn that he and the other Indian troops must practice shooting against their own fellow soldiers. After learning how to use a pistol, he leaves the army and joins a gang led by Kannaya (Elango Kumaravel). Miller and the soldiers discover that the English are really their true adversaries when a paradigm shift occurs.</p>
<p>It’s interesting to note that the female characters have distinct roles: Thaenu (Nivedhithaa Satish) is a fantastic rebel who fights with Kannaya and subsequently Miller, and Dr. Velmathi (Priyanka Arulmohan) pardons Miller for shooting and killing her husband when he was in the English army.</p>
<p>One of the most moving scenes in Captain Miller is when he ushers them into the sacred grounds. Set in 1930s Tamil Nadu, when caste prejudices were so pervasive that oppressed Hindus were forbidden from entering temples, the movie can be viewed in many ways as a social commentary. In his most recent work, Arun, who has included violence into his body of work (Rocky, Saani Kaayidham), takes a step back. It is violent, but thankfully in a subdued way given its staged rendition. Furthermore, despite being old, the work’s societal relevance makes it fascinating. Above all, Dhanush’s outstanding performance arc is best shown by his amazing depiction of a man divided between conflicting allegiances.</p>
<p>On January 12, Captain Miller was released in theaters. You can watch it on Prime Video right now.</p>