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On their seventh wedding anniversary, Neil Nitin Mukesh has the sweetest wish for his wife Rukmini

<p>With his wide variety of roles, Neil Nitin Mukesh never fails to wow his audience when he graces the screen. The actor has worked in the entertainment business for many years. Regarding his private life, he got married to Rukmini Sahay in 2017. Neil resorted to social media to write a sweet and brief message for his wife on their seventh wedding anniversary as the two marked the milestone.</p>
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<p>Neil Nitin Mukesh posted a photo of himself and his wife Rukmini on Instagram along with the caption, “Happy 7th Anniversary my love.” The pair paired in the photo in black. Rukmini chose an all-black outfit, while the actor sported a black suit and a white shirt. His followers praised the pair and sent well-wishes for him in the comments section under his post.</p>
<p>Every year on their wedding anniversary, Neil Nitin Mukesh looks for original methods to express his gratitude to his wife. The actor relived some of the most memorable parts of his fantasy wedding to Rukmini last year. He revealed a previously unreleased flashback film including moments from their wedding day. He said, “Surely did something right in my life that God gave me you,” in the caption. Mukesh Neil. I am grateful that you are MINE FOREVER. Cheers to your sixth anniversary. The bride was seen getting dressed and walking hand in hand with her soon-to-be husband at the start of the film. The several ceremonies were shown in the film’s transition. The romantic appeal of the videos was enhanced by the catchy background music from “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai.”</p>
<p>In a customary Hindu ceremony, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini tied the knot in Udaipur in 2017. The couple welcomed their baby Nurvi into the world in September of 2018.</p>
<p>Regarding his career, Neil Nitin Mukesh has finished the first schedule for his movie MaayaOne. The movie tells the tale of a regular guy who faces off against a supervillain. He praised the crew for their unwavering support and showed them a carousel of set photos.</p>
<p>“When “hero” and “villain” are happy, the director is happy,” the author stated.This concludes my first schedule for the Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi action sci-fi thriller MAAYAONE, which is produced across India.Working with the whole team has been a complete delight, despite how difficult and exhausting it was at times.I appreciate you being who you are, Sundeep Kishan, my darling! An fantastic performer, collaborator, friend, and source of support. I am grateful to C V Kumar, sir, for being an amazing director. You and your group are amazing and technical wizards. I’m excited about our upcoming demanding schedule. The director and fellow actor Sundeep Kishan were seen conversing with the actor in the photos.</p>