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When BR Chopra Was Shocked by Kishore Kumar’s Absurd Demand

<p>In the Hindi cinema business, Kishore Kumar is regarded as one of the most famous vocalists. In addition to being a vocalist, he was also an actor and director. However, the singer’s fame extended beyond his inventiveness. He was also reportedly exceedingly conceited, and he had humiliated directors and producers on a number of occasions. He was such a big celebrity in Bollywood in the 1950s and 60s that many people had to put up with his demands and actions. Let’s examine a few instances in which Kishore Kumar displayed genuine instances of haughtiness.</p>
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<p>Kishore Kumar reportedly disliked working under pressure. He would sometimes even make fun of those who worked for him. Hrishikesh Mukherjee, a former well-known director, went to Kishore Kumar’s residence to discuss a project, but his guard denied him entry, insulted him, and sent him on his way. Another incident occurred when HS Rawail, the producer, went to meet him in order to pay him. Kishore Kumar had up a “Beware of Dogs” sign outside his house at the time. Following the money exchange, he shook hands with Kishore Kumar before taking Rawail’s hand and biting it. He informed Rawail thereafter that he had previously left a warning outside.</p>
<p>Aside from that, a director had approached the court for assistance since he was quite disturbed by Kishore Kumar’s erratic and unyielding behavior. In order for the creators to pursue a lawsuit against the singer in the event that he disobeyed him during the filming, he legally acquired an agreement from the court. When BR Chopra wanted to collaborate with the artist, it was another strange event. Kishore Kumar had previously approached him about a job, but BR Chopra first had to set up a number of requirements before offering him the job. Even Kishore Kumar demanded as payback that before they ever met, BR Chopra had to constantly wear a dhoti and eat paan. BR Chopra even acknowledged these terms.</p>