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Speaking candidly about his health after a heart attack, Shreyas Talpade said, “I’m recovering with each day.”

<p>Shreyas Talpade experienced a heart attack in December of last year; it has been two months since then. On December 14, he had slumped at home after complaining of chest trouble.</p>
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<p>His relatives sent him to Bellevue Hospital in Andheri as soon as could. Six days after being admitted, the actor had an angioplasty and was released from the hospital after a terrifying struggle for his life. Now that he has disclosed his health status, Shreyas has sent his sincere gratitude to all of the people who supported him throughout his lowest point.<br />
“First of all, I would like to thank all the people who helped me that night. All the doctors, technicians, hospital staff, everyone, and all the fans who gave me countless blessings and love. I’m a little better now, with God’s grace, and recovering with each day, one day at a time,” Shreyas stated to Instant Bollywood.<br />
Thanks to his physicians’ counsel, Shreyas is now on the path to recovery. He has returned to work with caution. “I’ve started working a little bit now. But I think it’s very difficult to repay this debt of people in this life. But I cannot thank people enough. I’m very happy now. With doctor’s advice and all, things have started moving,” he said.</p>