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In Memoriam: Sultan Rahi, Pakistani Actor and Guinness Record Holder

<p>Pakistani actor Sultan Rahi gained notoriety not just for the quantity of movies he acted in but also for breaking the Guinness World Record and rising to the position of highest-paid actor in the nation at the time.</p>
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<p>Sultan Rahi, dubbed the “Clint Eastwood of Pakistan,” was a titan of the Pakistani cinema business with an incredible 40-year career that saw him appear in 800 films. He became the most prolific actor in the Guinness Book of World Records as a result of this extraordinary achievement. He played the lead in 535 of these movies and played two parts in 59, which is another record. His acting career spanned 703 Punjabi films and 100 Urdu films, demonstrating his flexibility and breadth. Throughout his remarkable career, Rahi received over 160 honors due to his extraordinary skill.</p>
<p>One of his most well-known performances was in the action movie Maula Jatt (1979), which is regarded as a milestone in Pakistani cinema history and a cult classic. Sultan Rahi became a celebrity after the film’s enormous success, securing his place as the greatest star in Lollywood. Maula Jatt achieved diamond jubilee status, ran in theaters for an incredible 15 months, and had unparalleled popularity. It had a significant effect on Pakistani cinema, changing the dynamics of the field.</p>
<p>Sultan Rahi’s life sadly ended too soon and under terrible circumstances. On the major highway, when he and his companion Ahsan were driving from Islamabad to Lahore, their car had a flat tire. A group of robbers approached them while they were trying to change the tire, and one of them shot the other companion dead. On January 9, 1996, Sultan Rahi passed away from his wounds; his legacy lives on in the film industry.</p>
<p>Sultan Rahi made his film debut in the 1956 picture Baghi as a guest star. But what really catapulted him into the spotlight was his breakout performance in the 1975 film Wehshi Jatt, which was an unofficial prequel to Maula Jatt. Throughout his storied career, he made a lasting impression on Pakistani cinema with roles in films like Sala Sahib, Ghulami, Sher Khan, and Behram Daku, among others.</p>