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Ayodhya’s Renaissance: OmniScience Capital Pioneers Ayodhya Investment Strategy for Smallcase Platform

Mumbai, 13 February 2024: OmniScience Capital, a leading global investment management firm specializing in global and Indian equity investments, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary investment strategy – the Omni Ayodhya UP (Uttar Pradesh) Strategy. This pioneering approach, accessible on the popular smallcase platform, leverages the potential of diverse sectors aligned with the growth of Ayodhya and the broader Uttar Pradesh region, propelling it towards a Trillion Dollar Economy. The strategy, unveiled on January 22, 2024, is available to investors on the smallcase platform starting February 1, 2024, coinciding with OmniScience Capital’s 7th Founding Day.


Dr. Vikas Gupta, CEO & Chief Investment Strategist at OmniScience Capital, expressed excitement about this new growth vector, highlighting its well-diversified nature and robust economic rationale grounded in the Scientific Investing Framework. 


“The strategy aims to catalyze exponential economic development in Uttar Pradesh, focusing on the redevelopment of Ayodhya as outlined in the Government Master Plan 2031. With an investment exceeding INR 85,000 crore (~$10 Billion), this initiative aims to enhance the infrastructure of the holy city. Already, 20,000 jobs have been created even before the Pran Pratishtha event of the Sri Ram Temple. Ultimately, more than 150,000 permanent jobs are expected to be created, contributing to the goal of making UP a Trillion Dollar Economy. The investment is anticipated to benefit stocks related to Connectivity, Roads & Infrastructure Companies, Electric Vehicles, Hotels, Loans & Payments Banks (Credit cards and UPI), and Telecom sectors,” said Dr. Gupta. 


Dr Gupta emphasized “Invest for Ayodhya, Stay for Development, and Gain from UP.  However, Investors should be careful not to pick stocks based on faith or emotions but rather focus on stocks with strong financial resources, growth opportunities and which are available at a discount to intrinsic value.” he said


Mr. Ashwini Shami, Executive Vice President & Portfolio Manager at OmniScience Capital, highlighted the firm’s forward-thinking approach to identify and capitalize on emerging growth vectors. He stated, “Instead of investing in overvalued stocks with direct exposure to Ayodhya, our strategy seeks non-obvious exposure. For example, it focuses on curated exposure to potentially undervalued companies in UPI, credit cards, payments, telecom, and food delivery app companies, rather than the overvalued stocks of quick-service restaurants and FMCG.”


OmniScience Capital manages a diverse portfolio comprising 7-8 growth vectors through over two dozen investment strategies featured on the smallcase platform. The firm’s commitment to providing investors with innovative choices aligned with their risk tolerance and investment goals. OmniScience primarily focuses on fundamental safety in the portfolio while allowing alpha to be a consequential result of this focus. 


The firm’s Scientific Investing Philosophy, known as “The Science of Alpha from Safety,” focuses on selecting SuperNormal Companies at SuperNormal Prices, evident in its strategic focus on the US and Indian Equity Markets, along with transformative technologies.


About Omni Ayodhya & UP/ Omni UP Rising  (omniscience.smallcase.com


The Ram Mandir development is catalyzing all-round development in Ayodhya, UP, impacting the rest of India, and eventually the world. 


Omni Ayodhya & UP – Invest for Ayodhya, Stay for Development and Gain from UP: 

The Ayodhya Masterplan 2031 envisions an investment of INR 85,000 crore (~$10 Billion). Beyond this starts the Ayodhya Vision 2047, furthering development under the Ayodhya Development Authority. Beyond this is the UP Vision to become a Trillion Dollar Economy. The $10 billion investment is likely to result in nearly 150,000 annual jobs, cumulatively totaling 1 million jobs, triggering a multiplier effect in not only Ayodhya but the surrounding 6-12 districts. 


Prime Minister has already inaugurated projects worth INR 15,000 crores3, and the Global Investor Summit, UP 2023, has received proposals for INR 49,000 crores4 for Ayodhya. OmniScience Capital’s investment strategy for “Ayodhya Stocks” is based on its Scientific Investing Framework, constructing a universe from stocks directly and indirectly exposed to Ayodhya’s development. This diversified portfolio encompasses various sectors, benefiting residents, visitors, pilgrims, tourists, and eventually government and business visitors, evolving over time with new contracts and company announcements. 


Omni UP Rising – Invest in Ayodhya and rise with the UP Trillion Dollar Economy: 


The Ram Mandir development is catalysing all-round development in Ayodhya, UP and impacting the rest of India, and eventually the World. 


The Ayodhya Masterplan 2031 envisages an investment of INR 85,000 crore (~$10 Billion). Beyond this starts the Ayodhya Vision 2047 which takes the development further under the Ayodhya Development Authority. Beyond this is the UP Vision to become a Trillion Dollar Economy. The $10 billion investment is likely to result in nearly 1,50,000 jobs, cumulatively totalling a million annual jobs. The capex is likely to result in further jobs as it triggers a multiplier effect in not only Ayodhya but the surrounding 6-12 districts. 


The Prime Minister has already inaugurated projects worth INR 15,000 crores and the Global Investor Summit, UP 2023 has already received proposals for INR 49,000 crores for Ayodhya. OmniScience Capital’s investment strategy for investing in “Ayodhya Stocks” is based on its Scientific Investing Framework. The universe construction starts from finding stocks which have exposure to Ayodhya’s development directly and some indirectly via being exposed to the development of UP as a Trillion Dollar Economy. This allows the creation of a large initial universe which provides the ability to exercise choice and apply the stringent Scientific Investing Framework without compromising on the stock selection. 


A diversified portfolio of stocks from multiple sectors and industries, which are providing value to different aspects of life in Ayodhya for residents as well as visitors, including, pilgrims, tourists and eventually government and business visitors, and which are benefiting from the Ayodhya Development, has been created. 


This portfolio will evolve over time as more contracts are given out, or more announcements are made by companies about their investments in Ayodhya. In the meanwhile a set of companies which are either known to be exposed to Ayodhya, or in our opinion are likely to have exposure to Ayodhya are included in the portfolio. 



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About OmniScience Capital 


OmniScience Capital, founded by Dr. Vikas Gupta, stands as a global investment management firm dedicated to providing a scientific approach to equity investments. Pioneering global investing for Indian investors, the firm introduces SuperNormal Portfolios that prioritize safety, growth, and returns. 


Driven by the belief that India is on a trajectory towards becoming a developed nation during the Amrit Kaal period, spanning from the 75th year of independence in 2022 to the 100th year in 2047, OmniScience Capital has formulated strategic approaches to capitalize on Amrit Kaal policies. 


Advocating for a diversified investment approach, OmniScience Capital also encourages investing in global developed markets as a part of a long-term asset allocation strategy. Dr. Gupta challenges the misconception that investing in India inherently results in superior returns, citing the unique opportunities present in the US market, such as transformative technology firms that have contributed to the outperformance of the S&P500 over the Nifty50. 


Scientific Investing – Enhance Safety, Enhance Growth, Enhance Returns 


OmniScience Capital’s Scientific Investing Framework is centered on purifying the investment universe by systematically identifying and eliminating risky stocks. This includes both fundamentally weak businesses and overvalued securities. The approach places emphasis on selecting fundamentally sound businesses while steering clear of overpriced assets, thereby ensuring a well-balanced and informed investment strategy. 


Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing. Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BASL and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.  


For more information, please visit OmniScience Capital’s Scientific Investing page. https://www.omnisciencecapital.com/


 Omniscience Investment Adviser is the advisory division of Omniscience Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd. which is registered as a non-individual Investment Adviser with SEBI with a valid registration No. INA000007623, BASL Membership Id 1197 & CIN U93000MH2017PTC290053.