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When Carlos Sainz departs Ferrari in 2025, he claims to have “plenty of options.”

<p>When he departs Ferrari to make room for Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1, Carlos Sainz Jr. feels he has “plenty of options,” the Spaniard said on Tuesday.</p>
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<p>F1 has been rocked by Hamilton’s decision to go from Mercedes to Ferrari for the next season. Charles Leclerc will be the companion of the seven-time champion.</p>
<p>As Ferrari unveiled their 2024 vehicle on Tuesday, Sainz said, “There’s plenty of options out there” for 2025. He added that he was shocked despite having some early warning that Hamilton was taking over his Ferrari seat.</p>
<p>Before joining with any other club, Sainz said he intends to take his time.</p>
<p>“I anticipate that the procedure will probably take longer. I want to make sure that I am at the right place at the right time because I have arguably the most critical three or four years of my career ahead of me,” Sainz said.</p>
<p>“I want to be sure that I choose the best place for me to go next. I will thus take my time to consider it and consider all of my choices. I will then be able to make my choice with confidence knowing that I have given myself adequate time and knowledge.</p>
<p>Sainz, who won his maiden Formula One race in Britain in 2022, will be playing in his fourth and last season with Ferrari. He was the only driver not affiliated with Red Bull to win a race in the previous season, winning in Singapore.</p>
<p>“With this team, I have so many wonderful memories,” Sainz said. “One of the most poignant moments of my career was driving around the Fiorano test track in a Ferrari for the first time.”</p>