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Third Test between IND and ENG: Ravindra Jadeja believes England is not a difficult team to beat and predicts a flat pitch in Rajkot

<p>All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja of India said on Wednesday that the hosts only need to adjust to England’s very offensive style of play in order to win the five-match Test series. He added that England is not a tough team to defeat.In the first game of the series, England stunned India in Hyderabad. However, the hosts bounced back in Visakhapatnam to equalize the scores. On Thursday, the third Test gets underway here.</p>
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<p>“I won’t say that England is (among the hardest) teams. Other teams have found it difficult to get to India and succeed. They play in an aggressive manner. The night before the game, Jadeja said, “We have to get accustomed to it and have plans for them. The player who missed the second Test because of a hamstring injury said, “We wouldn’t have lost if it weren’t for small mistakes in the second innings of the first Test.”</p>
<p>Regarding the recent injuries he has had, Jadeja said he is unable to conceal his identity on the field. “It is annoying, but there is more cricket these days, and that is something that is always on my mind. I am constantly in the hot spot in every format, so I can’t hide elsewhere on the pitch, which may be the cause of my injuries. The ball also comes to me often.</p>
<p>The squad is counting on me to field well and take excellent catches, and that’s good. I can take better care of my body and work on it more strategically, hoping that nothing goes wrong. However, there is no assurance,” he said.</p>
<p>According to Jadeja, he will need to make wise changes to prevent injury.</p>
<p>“I want to give it all I’ve got, preserve my body, and avoid diving when it’s not necessary. And that’s all. I don’t give it much thought since it has occurred before (returning from injury).As the game goes on, your body will adjust to the rhythm and you won’t even remember that there was ever an injury. In a day or two, I will get used to the beat.”</p>
<p>Jadeja anticipates the third Test to be played on a flat surface. The pitch is firm and level here, but it also relies on their preparation. Though this wicket seems fantastic, sometimes you may get 37 wickets in three matches (days).</p>
<p>In this instance, the wicket acts differently in each game. It twists occasionally, remains flat other times, and plays great for two days before changing. I think it will play well at first, and then the ball will spin and it will shatter slowly,” he said.</p>