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My batting is always contingent upon the following: Pujara Cheteshwar

<p>After 103 Tests, the popular consensus is that Cheteshwar Pujara may not make a return to form in the eyes of the people. However, the most reliable batting face in Indian Test cricket for the last ten years isn’t giving up. He is still working hard for Saurashtra in the Ranji Trophy. With further shots, he now has 673 runs this season at an average of 74.77. In this interview, he claims that his motivation is his desire to score. A few quotes…</p>
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<p>After being cut from the Indian squad, how have you approached the Ranji season?<br />
by competing in a club match in Mumbai just before the Ranji season started. I adore this game so much. I have a strong enthusiasm for it. In the match, I scored a hundred runs against Shivam Dube, Shams Mulani, Sandeep Sharma, and Dhawal Kulkarni. The competition was stronger than my club squad. I thus wanted to make sure I gave it my all and that we prevailed in the game.</p>
<p>This is what motivates me to play for Saurashtra, which is why I am saying this. We should make it to the Ranji knockouts, in my opinion. It all comes down to sharing the same enthusiasm, whether it’s for my club, Saurashtra, or Sussex. Clearly, distinct pride is involved in representing the nation. But you never stop putting forth the effort. Try to stick to the same schedule.</p>
<p>Does it become harder now that you’ve experienced the pinnacle of global success?<br />
A cricketer never stops reaching new heights. It’s about honing and improving your game. I have been working on my lofted shots, reverse sweep, and sweep shots for the last 1.5 years. Ranji Trophy matches might take two and a half days to complete due to difficult wickets that cause teams to be bowled out for 150–200 runs. At that point, you will undoubtedly be eliminated regardless of how many Test runs you have—10,000 or 100. That’s when some unconventional photos are necessary. It’s paying off, too. This season, I have performed well on challenging pitches.</p>
<p>Do you believe that this is the new standard of play and that long-format cricket is evolving at a different pace?<br />
Only rank turners are eligible. I’ve seen a small amount of the most recent Test match. One does not need the fancy shots on an average Indian track. Even if you are the greatest hitter in the world, there are certain pitches where you will eventually go out. You will then need them.</p>
<p>Do you think you have one more cricket in you?<br />
Without a doubt. With the manner I’ve been hitting and maintaining my fitness, I feel very secure. Despite what some people would want to imply, scoring runs in the Ranji Trophy is not an easy feat. Decisions don’t always go your way and there is no DRS. One has to be at the top of the game and put in a lot of effort to keep scoring. I’m hoping to be able to keep helping out at whatever capacity I’m given.</p>
<p>Does the consideration of age alter your viewpoint while discussing the future?<br />
He recently turned 36, and I really believe that age is only a number. As an example, consider James Anderson, the top bowler in England even at 41 years old, who bowls quickly. According to Novak Djokovic, 35 is the new 25. Players are becoming more fit and the game’s dynamics are shifting. Age is no longer a barrier, in my opinion. especially for players who exclusively engage in one format, which has been a huge assistance to me. I am able to better maintain my physique while I am only playing tests. Your only task is to continue honing your fitness. That is still valid even if you are 25 years old.</p>
<p>And you take great pride in your ability to construct innings, which has served you well.<br />
It’s a perception, in my opinion. Conditions always dictate how I bat. When I get solid proposals in India, I don’t spend much time getting to</p>
<p>50s. For instance, it only occurs in England when the circumstances necessitate respecting the new ball. That is how Test cricket is traditionally played.</p>
<p>England is now playing more aggressive cricket, but only on certain types of surfaces. The Dukes ball no longer moves in the same way. Cricket in England used to be quite different. It’s simple to see that more players are participating in the game and that it’s going forward. However, the pitches now permit that. That is not permissible in South Africa. I must recognize my areas of strength since doing so will benefit the team. Whoever comes in after me to bat will benefit from it. The squad would benefit when I scored well. In cricket, I think it’s more crucial to win the match than to focus on your technique. It’s OK if you are contributing to the team’s success and performing well. If not, there’s no need in bragging about how positively we’re playing. The game may be played in a variety of ways.</p>