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Chennai cosplayers at the first-ever Comic-Con, which is coming up soon

<p>Passionate cosplayers from the city get together to sketch concepts and develop a detailed strategy on how to construct a costume, letting their imagination run wild on paper. With deft precision, their hands sculpted and cut EVA foam to create elaborate props that would embody their favorite fictional characters. With great devotion, they spin the sewing machines, stitching materials purchased from nearby stores. The last stages of the months-long preparations have finally been completed in anticipation of Chennai Comic Con 2024, the city’s first comic-con. Raghul, who has been participating in cosplay for the last two years, says, “There is a lot of tension right now as the costumes are getting ready and we need to make the final arrangements so that everything goes well at the event.” Excitement precedes this tension. Cosplayers are getting ready for the weekend to show off their passion for their work and explore fantastical realms.</p>
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<p>Raghul’s skills in mechanical engineering allowed him to create a wooden sword when he first entered the cosplay industry during the epidemic. Opportunities began to present themselves one after another after that, leading him to try out additional materials and make more costumes and props. In addition, he put up a squad to compete. There are currently around 20 cosplayers here. In Tamil Nadu, there are around 30 to 40 cosplayers besides us. My startup business is called Virtual Mechanic Training Center. VR is how I teach science to students in schools. As a side job, I also sell props. I attend tournaments with the money I get from it,” the Vellore cosplayer said.</p>
<p>Raghul’s customer Vicky, a Sivakasi-born cosplayer who is presently employed in Chennai, became buddy and introduced him to cosplay contests. This full-time banker is volunteering additional time out of enthusiasm to assist Raghul with setting up his sets and costumes. “I began the planning in the latter part of August. I’ve been going to the gym to physically develop my physique to match the outfit. We assist Raghul on his home terrace, which serves as a workshop, either as a team or individually with the props and costume preparation,” he says.</p>
<p>Raghul began with wood because, in his opinion, it was more accessible and less expensive than PVC foam at the time. However, since it wasn’t as flexible, he looked around neighborhood stores and gave up on utilizing EVA foam, the substance that cosplayers vouch for. EVA foam is fairly costly on internet sites, but I was able to find stores in Vellore that offer it for less money. What is being offered for ~6,000 is being sold for ~200 offline, so there is a significant price discrepancy, he says.</p>
<p>Cosplays emphasize armor, embroidery, and visual effects. “VFX is my specialty,” continues Raghul. We’re attempting to introduce robotics this year. We made Chainsaw Man out of cardboard boxes from Amazon in 2022. This was the world’s first practical cosplay. We spent less than 500 building the outfit. We’ll be participating in the VFX category this year. There will be working props, such as wings. So far, it has been enjoyable to use my technical skills to cosplay, and I believe it lends characters a unique touch.</p>
<p>They have twelve members of their squad, House of Shogunate, who will be competing. Raghul advises viewers to keep an eye out for useful cosplay, such as those of Jugo and Toji from Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsawman Devil from Chainsawman, Hawks from My Hero Academia, and Paz Vizsla from The Mandalorian and Kratos from God of War, as well as Armour and Fabric costume. For costume decorations, Vicky continues to search Parry’s Corner, T Nagar, and internet resources.</p>
<p>Cosplayers have challenges with transportation and competition from 3D-printed outfits, according to Raghul. The group is optimistic that they will have an influence during the event, nevertheless. “Our objective is to qualify for the Indian Cosplay Competition and ultimately enter the World Cosplay Competition,” Vicky says in closing. Reaching the global arena is among our greatest aspirations.</p>
<p>The Chennai Comic Con 2024 will take place in the Chennai Trade Center in Nandambakkam on February 17 and 18.</p>