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Congress is relieved by the Income Tax tribunal’s ruling that a party may use “frozen” bank accounts

<p>The bank accounts were unfrozen after the Congress party filed an appeal with the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) in Delhi, about an hour after the party claimed the income tax department had frozen them and requested a recovery of Rs 210 crore.</p>
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<p>Congress Treasurer Ajay Maken stated on Friday that the party had received information that the banks were not respecting the checks the party was issuing, claiming that democracy in India had entirely collapsed. The party was purportedly told that all of the accounts were stopped when it asked questions regarding the situation.</p>
<p>The finances of the Congress party have been frozen.Maken said, “Democracy has been frozen,” adding that the accounts of the Youth Congress and Congress had also been stopped.</p>
<p>“Few weeks before elections are announced, the government freezes the main opposition party’s accounts. What message does this send out?” Maken enquired. The absurd justifications for freezing the accounts, he continued, were mentioned.</p>
<p>The Income Tax agency allegedly demanded Rs 210 crore in taxes, which prompted the freeze. The Congress said that this action was timed deliberately to interfere with the party’s election preparations and had political motivations.</p>
<p>“This is a one-rule party; democracy does not exist, and the main opposition party has been subdued. Maken said earlier in the day, “We look to the courts, the media, and the people for justice.”</p>
<p>The Congress called for the freezing of the BJP’s finances due to their unlawful bonds.</p>