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Actress-producer Kavita Chaudhary, 67, Passes Away From Heart Attack After Udaan

<p>After suffering a heart attack on Thursday, February 15, television actress Kavita Chaudhary, who gained notoriety for her role as an IPS officer in Doordarshan’s Udaan, died unexpectedly. Kavita, who aged 67, was well-known for her iconic role as “Lalitaji” in Surf ads. The producer-actress passed away in Amritsar, India, with funeral ceremonies held early on Friday. Ajay Sayal, her nephew, verified the information.</p>
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<p>“She (Kavita) died due to cardiac arrest on Thursday at 8.30 pm,” he told Indian Express. While receiving treatment at Amritsar’s Parvati Devi Hospital, she passed away.”</p>
<p>The site was also informed by actor Anang Desai, “I learned this morning that Kavita had passed away. She passed away yesterday night. It is very depressing. She was a National School of Drama classmate of ours. Over the course of our three-year program, we studied together at NSD. We were in the same batch as Kavita, myself, Satish Kaushik, Anupam (Kher), and Govind Namdev. She met me after she had cancer a few years before, but she never brought it up because she wanted it to remain secret. She passed away in Amritsar, where she was originally from. She wasn’t doing well when I last talked to her, some fifteen days earlier, when she was in Mumbai. I was notified this morning of Kavita’s passing by her nephew.”</p>
<p>Indian television actress, writer, and director Kavita Chaudhary is well known for her 1989 Doordarshan series “Udaan,” in which she played IPS officer Kalyani Singh. At a period when strong, assertive female characters were uncommon on Indian television, she became well-known for her portrayal of one.</p>
<p>The life of her sister Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya, the second female IPS recruiter after Kiran Bedi, served as the inspiration for the television series. Because of her ground-breaking on-screen depiction of a female IPS officer, Kavita was regarded as an emblem of female empowerment for the whole of her career. Later on, she had a go at producing television programs, including “Your Honour” and “IPS Diaries.”</p>