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“It was his upbringing, not you, that taught Yashasvi Jaiswal to learn”: Nasser Hussain criticizes the England opener for his strange statement

<p>In response to Ben Duckett’s remarks on India opener Yashasvi Jaiswal’s aggressive batting, former England captain Nasser Hussain has spoken strongly.</p>
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<p>Duckett said that since England adopted the much-discussed ‘Bazball’ strategy in the purest form of the game, Jaiswal adopted an aggressive style of play.</p>
<p>In the three Test matches that have been played so far in the five-match series between India and England, Jaiswal’s aggressive style has delivered a ton of runs for him.</p>
<p>Duckett did note that England should be given “some credit” for Jaiswal’s adoption of an aggressive style of cricket in Test matches. The 29-year-old hitter from England has received a lot of criticism for the remark.</p>
<p>“When you see players from the opposition playing like that, it almost feels like we should take some credit that they’re playing differently than how other people play Test cricket,” Duckett said in reference to Jaiswal’s performance on the third day of play.</p>
<p>The opening batsman’s remarks infuriated former England captain Hussain, who scolded Duckett for them and advised the players to “self-reflect” on their support for “Bazball.”</p>
<p>He hasn’t picked up any knowledge from you. He’s gained knowledge from his childhood and the hardships he endured as a child. Guys, have a look at him and pick up some tips from him. There should be some self-reflection occurring, I hope. If not, Hussain told Sky Sports, “it turns into a cult, and occasionally Bazball and this regime have been described as such, where you cannot criticize within or externally.”</p>
<p>At a 109 average, Jaiswal has amassed 545 runs in six innings, the highest in the series so far. The left-hander ended undefeated in Rajkot with 214 after scoring two hundred in back-to-back Tests.</p>
<p>Although Hussain praised England’s optimism, he lamented the lack of reality in light of their high goals. “You never walk into a news conference thinking, ‘They may have too many, and we’re just going to play for a draw,’ when you’re living in a bubble with so much positive message and energy.</p>
<p>Although I like their optimism, they also need to include a little amount of reality. Naturally, batting last and attempting to chase 600 in India is not a very wise course of action, he said.</p>
<p>India will play England in the fourth Test match in the five-match series starting on Friday in Ranchi, where they currently lead 2-1.</p>