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Dad explains that following his son’s Test heroics, his favorite meals are waiting for him

<p>Yashasvi Jaiswal’s father Bhupendra was ecstatic with his son’s continued rise to prominence in the international game. Jaiswal made his debut overseas on the West Indies tour last year, and he hasn’t looked back.</p>
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<p>Jaiswal has set parameters for players like James Anderson in India’s current five-match Test series against England, offering an indication of what lies ahead for him.</p>
<p>Jaiswal has amassed 545 runs with a strike-rate of 81.1 and an average of 109 in the first three Test matches. Along with Virat Kohli and Vinod Kambli, he is one of the three Indians to score double hundreds in consecutive Tests.</p>
<p>There is still time left until Jaiswal goes back home to be with his parents and other loved ones. He is now away from home. His father promised to welcome him home with his favorite meals, which would include mutton.</p>
<p>Jaiswal’s father told India Today, “He likes rice, daal, breads, and curry, and he is very fond of mutton.”</p>
<p>In the Test matches against England, Jaiswal has shown a variety of strokes, but his father was especially pleased by the sweep shot.</p>
<p>“He works a lot on it and plays the sweep shot beautifully,” he said.</p>
<p>“Want him to produce his own music”<br />
With two Tests left, Jaiswal has a great opportunity to break many more records. He would tie Kambli’s record as the quickest Indian to 1000 runs in a Test match if he makes 139 runs in the first innings in the Ranchi Test.</p>
<p>Jaiswal also has an opportunity to surpass the record held by the great Sunil Gavaskar for the most runs scored by India in a bilateral Test series. But his father doesn’t want his kid to look at other people’s records and put too much pressure on himself.</p>
<p>Jaiswal’s father said, “I want him to make his own records and shouldn’t focus on the records others made.”</p>
<p>On February 23, the third Test is slated to begin, with India looking to establish an unstoppable 3-1 lead.</p>