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India’s Pride Sangram Singh beats Pakistan’s Mohammad Saeed in International Pro Wrestling Championship in Dubai; admits listening to his inner voice paid off

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Gold medals aren’t made of gold. They are made of hard work, determination and guts. This proved India’s Pride and Commonwealth Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Sangram Singh as he returned to Pro Wrestling to beat his 23-year-old Pakistani opponent Mohammed Saeed at the International Pro Wrestling Championship in Dubai in a nail-biting wrestling match that lasted 18 minutes. 

Sangram Singh, who admits listening to his inner voice to get on to the mat again, admits this comeback at 40 had a nation’s hope riding on him. 

For one, the fully packed stadium of supporters was just part of an entire nation looking up to him, his former International coach Dhyanchand’s faith in him and of course the future generation of wrestlers and those veterans who needed to believe they still had the fight left in them!

“This is not my victory. This win is of every Indian who believed in me, stood by me and prayed for me,” expressed Sangram Singh. “This is the victory of every youth who has dreams in his eyes and fire in his heart.”

Sangram Singh’s last triumph on the mat was more than half a decade ago at the KD Jadhav Memorial International Khusti Championships, where he clinched the Gold by convincingly defeating Kevin Radford Jr. Admitting the return was not easy, Sangram confesses, “I returned to wrestling after 6-7 years, put on weight with food and liquids. But Muhammad Saeed is 9-10 Kg heavier than me, is 18 years younger, and has speed, ability and strength surpassing mine. What I had was faith and belief in myself. And to win, each youngster needs to have the same faith. The pressure was immense at a power-packed stadium filled with Indians, the match was Live the world over. It was one of the toughest matches in my life and one of the best as well. This victory marks the beginning of my mission to motivate and allow youth to turn World Champion Wrestlers, armed with faith and belief. The youth needs to learn about the journey of those who came before them, the shoulder of the people they stand on today before they learn to

walk their path.” Incidentally, Sangram Singh’s film Udaan Zindgi Ki… on Chaupal is spelling exactly this and is all set for a March release.

“I am blessed that our entire nation is holding my hand in this mission,” said an emotional Sangram Singh, admitting that the faith and prayers of the nation was his armour in this match.

The Pro Wrestling Championship won Sangram Singh, a 15 kg Gurj, 1 Golden belt and a Gold medal alongside the prize money.

Needless to say, #SangramSinghReturns is trending on X and Instagram!