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Aquaculture industry’s Leading paddle wheel aerator manufacturers Ardis Enviro Solutions

Ardis Enviro Solutions, a notable player in the manufacturing of aquaculture equipment, has made significant strides in the industry. With a B.Tech background, M A Rasheed founded Ardis Enviro Solutions a decade ago, marking this year as its 10th anniversary. The company has introduced several innovative products and has made substantial contributions to the aquaculture sector.

Aquaculture, the farming of aquatic organisms, is a rapidly growing industry that requires specialized equipment to ensure efficient and sustainable operations. Ardis Enviro Solutions has been at the forefront of this industry, especially in light of the increasing demand for high-quality aquaculture equipment. Each year, India imported approximately 30 crore worth of aquaculture products from China. However, the entry of Ardis Enviro Solutions into the market has significantly reduced these imports, promoting ‘Make in India’ and bolstering local manufacturing.

The products developed by Ardis Enviro Solutions are designed to operate under extremely harsh conditions, such as exposure to seawater and frequent power fluctuations. Given that any malfunction of these products can result in the loss of an entire crop, reliability is paramount. In the early days, serving customers was challenging due to the remote locations and villages where many aquaculture farms are situated. However, Ardis Enviro Solutions overcame these challenges and established a reputation for dependability and quality.


The innovative approach of Ardis Enviro Solutions has not gone unnoticed. M A Rasheed has been nominated as the youngest entrepreneur under the age of 30. The company is also the first to manufacture a power-saving aerator that reduces power bills by 40%. This innovation is crucial for farmers looking to cut costs and improve efficiency. Additionally, the company has developed gearboxes with nylon bodies to withstand the corrosive effects of seawater and special aerators designed for spirulina culture with variable speed options, a feature unique to Ardis Enviro Solutions.


Aligning with the ‘Make in India’ initiative spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ardis Enviro Solutions aims to become the leading supplier of paddle wheel aerators globally. Their commitment to innovation and quality has earned them subsidies in states like Manipur, Bihar, Punjab, and Haryana through the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana, further cementing their status as industry leaders.


For more information about Ardis Enviro Solutions and their cutting-edge products, you can visit their website at www.ardisenviro.com  or their Facebook page at https://m.facebook.com/ardisenviro/ . They can also be reached at 8500000320.